Adult Mussels Found in Lake Powell – Stay Vigilant in Keeping Them Out!

14 Adult Quagga Mussels were found at Wahweap Marina last week on Lake Powell. The Campaign to “Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers” and careful monitoring of boats entering Lake Powell have certainly helped in keeping them out of the lake so far. None of the adults found appear to be an adult breeding population, meaning they were transported in via boats and other water equipment.

Please watch the video at the end of this post to see just how damaging these creatures are and lets keep them out of Lake Powell!

Glen Canyon National Park Service Press Release

National Park Service Issues Mussel Monitoring Update for Lake Powell

Page, AZ – The National Park Service (NPS) has identified 14 adult quagga mussels attached to moored vessels and dock structures at the Wahweap Marina in Lake Powell over the last week. None of the adult mussels were close enough together to mate for successful reproduction. All of the mussels were physically removed from the lake.

The first four mussels were found when a local marine service business noticed the small shells on a boat that had been pulled for maintenance and then notified the NPS. “We really appreciate the report of this finding since it will help in the removal of the adult mussels before they can reproduce,” said Mark Anderson, Glen Canyon Ecologist. “It’s likely that the mussels were introduced via ballast or bilge water from a boat(s) that was not cleaned, drained, or dried.”

Boats, docks, and cables in Wahweap Bay will continue to be assessed by the NPS dive team. The Antelope Point area was inspected beginning in December of 2012 with no mussels discovered.

Superintendent Brindle remains hopeful that the monitoring results are not evidence of an established population of mussels. “If it is an early detection, the mussels may not establish and reproduce”, said Brindle.

“It is important to note that we have not found a reproducing population,” Anderson stated. “Prevention is still the most effective way to fight invasive species, so we will continue the boat inspections that are currently in place. Everyone needs to take this as a warning to continue to clean, drain, and dry your boat and equipment after every use.”

Additional monitoring information and updates are posted on the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area webpage at

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Below is a video worth watching on the Mussels

This educational video is over 9 minutes long but worth the watch to keep western waterways clear of these damaging mussels. Lake Powell is under significant threat from these mussels. One female can make 1 million more mussels in 1 year quickly taking over fresh water lakes.



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