Local Lake Powell Flash Flood Video Featured on How The Earth Was Made – This Week!

Local flash flood video shot by David Rankin at the Lake Powell area is going to be featured again on the History Channel. On Tuesday and Wednesday the 26th and 27th, The History Channel is showing a new How The Earth Was Made – Death Valley.  Around 40 seconds of David’s flash flood footage is on the program.

You can check out Davids Website at Rankin Studio

From The History Channel Website:

“It is not only a place of natural splendor but a geologic treasure trove as well. Hidden in the sediments of the rocks in its walls is evidence of the coldest time on our planet–ironic in one of the hottest places on Earth. Death Valley is literally being pulled apart and the floor is collapsing and lower than sea level. Here and across much of Nevada is the Basin and Range province–a series of ridges of mountain ranges that are being pulled apart and the basins between them getting wider and flat as they fill with eroded sediment. “



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