2014 Castle Rock Cut Dredging Underway

With the water level at Lake Powell lower than it has been since 2005 the National Park Service is once again deepening Castle Rock Cut. The Cut is a popular Lake Powell short cut which can save boaters upwards of ten miles of travel from Wahweap and Stateline Marinas up lake.

With Lake Powell being 186 miles long there is plenty to explore but unless it is a view from the water of Glen Canyon Dam you seek, the short cut at Castle Rock is a huge time saver.

In 2013 Brown Brother Construction excavated over 70,000 cubic yards of dirt from the Castle Rock Cut and that is the plan again this year. The excavation this year will lower the bottom of the cut to an elevation of about 3580 feet. As of today the lake is about 121 feet below full and is right about 3580. The lake will continue to fall in elevation until the end of April when spring run off begins. The dredging is scheduled to be complete in late April in conjunction with the run off. The Cut has not been navigable since February of 2013.

This is a photo my son David took during the dredging last year.

Dredging of Castle Rock Cut on Lake Powell

Dredging of Castle Rock Cut on Lake Powell

The Cut will not be able to open until there are several feet of water in the dredged out part allowing for safe vessel passage.

An aerial shot my daughter Ashley took while on the scenic flight over Lake Powell.

Lake Powell Cut

Castle Rock Cut photo by Ashley Rankin Ruth

The price tag for the dredging is 1.6 million and will take four months to complete.

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