Photos of the Glen Canyon Dam 2008 Experimental Floods

I spent the afternoon checking out the habitat beach building experimental flows from Glen Canyon Dam. The sheer power of the water is awesome. Standing behind the Carl Hayden Visitor Center at the dam the noise of the water floats up the canyon wall. 300,000 gallons of water a second hitting the Colorado River makes a heck of a noise!

We drove to the overlook turnoff by Denny’s and hiked down to “The Whitehouse”. Once there we climbed onto a large cliff and took this photo. The photo is in HDR using two images.

Glen Canyon Dam from The Whitehouse

People were coming and going at the overlook behind the visitor’s center, but we stayed quiet awhile. There is something magical about that place. The water, the sun, the technology, the canyon ~ just beautiful.

Hollow Jet Bypass Tubes at Glen Canyon Dam during flood



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