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Once in awhile I find a blog post or website that captures our area wonderfully and that happened a few days ago. I would highly recommend Bookmarking Adventr.Co to follow in the future. has over 415 adventures logged and blogged and a recent post, Flag-Point, is highlighted here. Randy Langstraat was in our area the first part of October and photo blogged a journey between Kanab and Lake Powell, highlighting some of the very cool, out of the way, old things. The next post in his series Alstrom Point to Johns Canyon has some simply stunning images like this one….

Sunrise over Alstrom Point, lake Powell

So check out that post too for some really interesting Native American pictographs as well.

Many of you know I have a deep interest and have spent a lot of time in the paleontological field around here. My son found remains of 93 million year old Plesiousaurs, water – bound marine reptiles that lived in this area during the time of the dinosaurs. This area was the edge of the Western Interior Seaway so fossils of both the marine world, and the land world, can be found here. See Lake Powell Paleontology – Dinosaurs, Plesiosaurs, and much more in Glen Canyon and The Grand Staircase Monument – Part 1 for more Info.

Randy Langstraat came across some great dinosaur footprints

From Blog

I have seen some in our area as I have been out hiking with my son, but one thing that really caught my attention was this next photo and Randys’ description.

Native American Ancient Pictograph Showing Dinosaur Footprints

From Randy’s post

After a little more searching nearby we found what I was really looking for on this hike. As far as I know, this may be the only pictograph depicting a dinosaur track! I wonder what kind of myths the Native Americans had about the tracks found at this site, especially since some of them appear to head right off the edge of a 1,000+ foot cliff?

It really does make you wonder. continued on toward Lake Powell and stopped off to photo some of our local Toadstools
Southern Utah Toadstools

Adventr.Co is a true treasure of a website and I am so glad to be able to share it!

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