Amangiri at Lake Powell Featured in Luxury Travel Magazine

February 14, 2010 Update – Photos from tour of Amangiri and new villa information at Amangiri Lake Powell  on the Lake Powell Real Estate Blog.

Yesterday Luxury Travel Magazine did a full featured article on the opening of Amangiri.  While the article does not give a firm opening date, the clue is “early fall”.

From the photos in the article you can see completed rooms with large windows and beautiful sandstone cliff views.

This is by far the most complete article describing the amenities of Amangiri I’ve found to date. The center piece of the project is a large pavilion area….

“The Pavilion is an open-plan arrangement of lounging areas, library, dining room and open kitchen — all with floor-to-ceiling glass that frames panoramas of the desert, the rock formations and the mesas. ”

If you have been following the progress of Amangiri – this article is a must read.

Luxury Travel Magazine also has a static page for Amangiri –
Boutique Hotels Resorts Amangiri – Canyon Point, Lake Powell, Utah



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4 comments on “Amangiri at Lake Powell Featured in Luxury Travel Magazine
  1. Brian says:

    Where will these people shop and buy their wine? They will have build new stores to accomidate them.

  2. heather says:

    Brian – Very Good Point. The hope here in the high, windblown, desert, is Amangiri may help our economy. This area is based on seasonal employment and the lake to a large degree – new specialty shops, restaurants and the like may be a real possibility.

  3. harlan says:

    any word yet on the when and if the new movie threater will be built by the new Mcdonald’s?

  4. heather says:


    No word yet. There was also talk of a Imax-Like theater over by the new road up the mesa to Indigo Ridge, but that is on hold for now. Keep me posted if you hear anything. Always appreciate the input :)

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