For the past several weeks I’ve been making the 57 mile journey to Kanab from Big Water a couple of times a week. Driving by the Cottonwood Canyon road entrance it is obvious there is major construction work going on. On Thursday, coming back from Kanab, I was behind a large, side dump semi-truck hauling the biggest boulders I have seen in a long time. Being adventurous, I decided to stop at the mouth of the canyon and check it out.

Cottonwood Canyon road is a 48 mile long, sometimes very steep, back country road that leaves Highway 89 outside of Paria and ends up at Cannonville, Utah. Rain can make the road impassable, even to 4-wheel drive vehicles. One of the main attraction on the journey is located about 2/3 up the road toward Cannonville. Grosvenor Arch, a spectacular natural double arch, is one of the most photographed items in the Grand Staircase monument.

For the past two years Cottonwood Canyon road has been in a state of disrepair due to heavy spring flooding. The repair job is costing 1.5 million dollars and is being paid for as a joint venture between 2 federal government agencies and Kane County. The road is scheduled to reopen fully in mid April.

Before you go: Check with the one of the Monument Visitor Centers for road conditions and weather forecasts. The Big Water Visitor Center is staffed year round.

Entrance to Cottonwood Canyon and the Monument



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