Getting Your Home Ready For A Good Show

As important a landmark as buying a home is in people’s lives, you’d be surprised at how much of it can turn on snap decisions. If you’re selling a house you’ll have to put careful thought into customers’ first impressions, because many sales will be made or lost before they reach the front door – or as soon as they walk through it.

First consider “curb appeal” – the feeling customers get from the upkeep of the house and grounds, and how comfortable this makes them imagining themselves as a resident. You want to do everything you can to make them see your house as their house, both outside and in.

A new paint job is an investment that will more than pay for itself, and neat landscaping – trimmed shrubs, new flowers – puts your prospective buyers in just the right frame of mind. In the desert environment, keeping tumbleweeds removed is a big plus. Eastern Kane County has many homes with natural landscaping which can be shown off to their best with a small amount of time.

Adobe House

Inside, kitchens and bathrooms should be in sparkling condition – these rooms are known to be what makes up many home-seekers’ minds. Removal of odors like pet smells and smoke will lessen distractions for customers you want focusing on your home’s possibilities, and clearing of clutter is crucial.

The less belongings you have crowding your rooms and closets, the bigger the home will appear, and the easier it will be for potential buyers to envision placing their own possessions there. Put some things in storage if you need to, or hold a garage sale to help cut down on some of the build-up you were going to clear out for moving anyway (just hold it before buyers can see the piles on your lawn or the cars lined up on an otherwise peaceful street). For buyers picturing themselves in your home, it’s also good to present the house in as general taste as possible – personal memorabilia, collectibles, and eccentric wall colors and furnishings should go out with the clutter. Repainting rooms in a neutral white also helps convey the sense of spaciousness.

Clean windows, fresh flowers, and other small details with big impact – they’re what you want to remember. From major improvements which guarantee a return on your investment, to subtle touches that tip the scales in your favor, the features of a house that we often take for granted can be the ones that determine your homeselling success. According to the National Association of Realtors®, curb appeal alone accounts for half of all home sales.

A little effort now saves you a lengthy process later. I can guide you in all the above matters and more, from supplying a checklist of presentation tips, to recommending affordable painting contractors, to helping you rearrange the furniture. Whatever it takes, I can give you confidence that, for some buyer soon, the showing of your home will be love at first sight.



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  1. Nice article. Here’s another one that reiterates the importance of Getting Some Curb Side Appeal

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