Landslide Closes Highway 89 but Page and Lake Powell are Open for Business!

Early in the morning hours of February 20, 2013 a landslide caused part of Highway 89 South of Page, AZ to buckle and slide. The photos from the early morning event were hard to believe, but they were real. Highway 89 is the main route through Northern Arizona to the Page, Lake Powell, area and many folks were concerned about the impact. This video, produced by ADOT, is great as it shows the alternate routes and how local business owners are coming together with creative solutions.

ADOT, Arizona Department of Transportation has done a great job with tweets, facebook, videos, and generally getting information to the public. In that light they also have set up a website specific to Highway 89 News located

ADOT US 89 Landslide Page

Below is the flyer showing the road closure and alternate routes to Page and Lake Powell areas. I took the detour to Scottsdale, AZ, and back a couple of weeks ago. The road is good and the scenery is wonderful. One note ~ there are not a lot of passing lanes so really use caution when passing.

Highway 89 Detour to Page Lake Powell



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