New Posts to our Media Section

New posts to our Lake Powell Real Estate media section

Sunset in Big Water, UT

Woodpecker in my Tree

Snow in the High, Windblown, Deserts of Southern Utah



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2 comments on “New Posts to our Media Section
  1. harlant says:

    what’s the new lake powell media section suppose to be for and/or about? if it’s for the media only then I’ll have to fire the first round sense I deserve to sense I only lived there for 35 year’s. the only media that talks abour Powell is the media that’s within reach of the four corners area. when they do they diss lake Powell. powell and Page events only use the media for press releases only. we need to as a community need to do more than that. we need to get the word out more often. not just thru press releases throughout the weekly newpapers or radio ads.but, by using the products that market Lake Powell by name. for example the mouse pads that say Page lake Powell on them why not take them to a community that doesn’t visit our area as often such as Kayenta and Tuba City AZ.if they see the products or marketing in front of them they’ll come to Page to shop,eat and to stay the night in our many hotels and motels in and around the mesa.the point I’m trying to make is what we did just within the last year or ten year’s ago to market and promote lake Powell as a family,college or resort destination doesn’t work anymore. not in today’s economy. we need to start to try something new fresh and different to get tourist to flock to the PAGE lAKE Powell Area. there are many events held each year annual in areas near by in Phoenix and las vegas we could get visitor’s there to come here.That the Page area businesses which I won’t mention won’t advertise like the all native american Basketball Tournament its called NABAHOOPS. the FBR open golf tournament. and the rock n roll marathon tournament. we could hand out water that has the name lake powell water on them I might add. these are the many and many suggestions I have to market the page and Utah area. however all I hear is the excuse and excuse that people in charge don’t want to offend there tourist boards by marketing in there backyard. they do it why not us? what do you think television ADs do?

  2. heather says:

    Harlan – Thanks for your response. First off, let me explain the media section of Lake Powell is simply a place for me to post my thoughts, photos, etc on my blog. I have no affiliation with the City of Page, or tourism for Lake Powell. I’ve lived here 20 years, love the area and started my website to share not only real estate information (which can be very boring) but to share Lake Powell.

    I agree with you ~ things could be done differently in promoting the Page Lake Powell area. Have you talked to the tourism bureau or the city? I think you have good ideas and in this changing world we all need to stay ahead of the curve. Lake Powell is indeed a treasure, and it is very easy to share!

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