NPS Begins E-Hikes and Podcasts for Glen Canyon and Lake Powell

The National Park Service has the first e-hike online for the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Produced by Ranger David Rankin the first hike is Wiregrass Canyon – a slot canyon has two arches and is accessed from the Big Water, Utah, area.

Wiregrass Canyon E-Hike

David is currently working on other e-hikes including one for Rainbow Bridge.

Also he recently completed the Glen Canyon podcaster and the first podcast is up – on Flash Floods. 

As a side note: as a mom and a musician it was a really cool experience to see this e-hike go live. The music during the introduction was written and performed by David on a new Takamine guitar. He produced the animations, photography and 360 degree panoramas and recorded the ranger talks.  All in all, a good days work!

David’s Website – Rankinstudio



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