Evening Ranger Programs Start at the Wahweap Amphitheater, Lake Powell

A Lake Powell Fridays Post… more things to do in the Page Lake Powell area

Once again the National Park Service Rangers are starting up the Evening Ranger Programs at the Wahweap Amphitheater. These programs, in the past, have covered a wide range of topics relating to the Glen Canyon Lake Powell area from Geology and Paleontology to Astronomy and Wildlife.

The Wahweap Amphitheater is a beautiful outdoor theater that has been equipped with all the modern technology. This is one of the perks of living in the Page Lake Powell area – the awesome ranger programs.

While there is a fee to get into the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area the programs are free.

Ranger David Rankin is presenting on June 12 and the 18th, A Survival Guide to Glen Canyon. Some of the 300 + deaths that have occurred in the recreation area since 1959 will be covered as well as ways to stay safe.


boat and helicopter

On Friday, June 12 & 18 Park Ranger David Rankin Presents: Survival Guide to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

From the most obscure to the most common causes, more than 300 people have lost their lives at Glen Canyon NRA from 1959-2009 due to accidents within the park. Take a statistical look at these accidental fatalities with ranger David Rankin and examine how to stay out of harms way as we piece together a survival guide, and learn about the dangers that parallel the beauty within Glen Canyon. (A program to honor and respect those visitors and locals who have lost their lives at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.)

On the 13th and the 19th of June Ranger Cindy Adams is presenting on the Ravens. It’s hard to be in this area but a few minutes and not see the Ravens. From their acrobatic displays over the cliffs around Page, AZ, to the one that “hang out” at the local grocery store, these birds are worth learning about.

On Saturday, June 13 & 19 Park Ranger Cynthia Adams Presents: Raven – International Bird of Mystery

The raven is one of the most likely native wildlife you will encounter in the Glen Canyon landscape. Beyond their contribution in maintaining nature’s balance, they also play a role in cultural myths and legends throughout the world. Ranger Cynthia Adams reveals the multifaceted characteristics of Raven РThe International Bird of Mystery.

Ranger talks also occur at the Carl Hayden Visitor Center at Glen Canyon Dam throughout the day and are free of charge as well.

Another Site of Interest: David Rankin has a site with photos, dino discoveries, flash flood video, etc at

Rankin Studio



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2 comments on “Evening Ranger Programs Start at the Wahweap Amphitheater, Lake Powell
  1. George Bloom says:

    Hello, I’m a serious astronomer with equipment who plans to visit lake powell in June (Page AZ) Are there any great Dark Light locations you can recommend I set up my gear? Any astronomers I could contact?

    Thank you for your help!

  2. heather says:


    Hi. My son does a lot of astrophotography and would be the one to chat with. His email is
    david@rankinstudio.com and his webpage is

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