Lake Powell Homeowners Beware of Carbon Monoxide

Living in the Lake Powell area we hear a lot about carbon monoxide during the summer. Every year it seems there are deaths, or serious injuries, on the lake from C0 poisoning. Houseboat recalls to fix rear venting systems to the safer side venting systems have been in the news and on the radio locally. It is time, however, for local homeowners to think about the dangers in your own home.

With over 40,000 Emergency Room visits a year attributed to CO poisoning and new studies showing that even survivors of CO are facing catastrophic health issues moving forward,  this is more serious than previously thought.

I caught this on TV a couple of weeks ago and found the video tonight.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Tips for staying safe in your home this winter.

1. Don’t heat your home using your gas oven

2. Don’t leave a running car in your garage

3. Service your gas-burning appliances annually

And, most important, install carbon monoxide detectors near every bedroom in your home.



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