The rebuilding of Highway 89 in Arizona between Page and Flagstaff is going along well. Many will remember when the Highway became impassable after a landslide in the early morning hours of February 20, 2013. The ADOT, Federal Government and the Navajo Nation came to angreement and the N-20 road has been paved leaving access between Page and Flagstaff open.

Work is continuing to rebuild the Highway 89 and this ADOT clip of the progress is great. Moving 1 Million cubic yards of material is a huge job…..

And another in time lapse form


In order to reconstruct the landslide-damaged roadway on US 89 between Bitter Springs and Page, ADOT contractors will move nearly one million cubic yards of rock down slope to build a stabilizing buttress.

This video offers a different perspective on moving that much material.

More information about the US 89 landslide at:



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