In Episode 2 The National Association of Realtors and Elizabeth Banks team up to introduce us to that word.. that mortgage word.

Mortgage Lending 101 is a funny, straight talking, video about the mortgage section of the home buying process tagged under #LearnWithLiz.

Take away: Be ready.

“Your mortgage lender will review your income, debts, assets, employment and credit history, to determine how much home you can afford, your loan options, the monthly payments you can expect, the down payment you’d need, and closing costs”

All of that to get to your pre-approval letter which is this market is necessary, unless of course, you are paying cash!

At Rankin Realty we have a team of professionals that can help you in both Arizona and Utah along the South Shores of Lake Powell as well as help guide you through the mortgage process.

Stayed tuned for Part 3:

Heather Rankin is a Realtor and Owner/Broker of Rankin Realty at Lake Powell specializing in the Lake Powell areas of Page, AZ and Greenehaven, AZ as well as Big Water, UT The only local real estate blog written by a local Realtor since 2008. Our office is next to the Ranch House Grille in Page AZ



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