Lake Powell has passed a milestone – it is less that 100 feet low! When Lake Powell is full the water depth at Glen Canyon Dam is 560 feet deep. As of May 16th we crossed the 100 foot threshold and the lake was 460 feet deep at the dam. The rivers feeding Lake Powell are running at @ 124% of average which is great news.

Currently Lake Powell is rising 6 to 9 inches a day and that should continue for several more weeks. As of Friday the lake was 11 inches below the water level to reach the Castle Rock cut. Boats heading out of Wahweap Marina to go uplake have had to make the 11 mile journey down to the dam and back up the main channel as the water has been to low to cover the Cut at Castle Rock. That should change in the next few weeks saving boaters and tour operators fuel cost.

3700 feet above sea level is considered “full”for Lake Powell and this year we are expected to see a high elevation of 3639, or about 61 feet below full pool. This will also allow a 12% increase in power production at Glen Canyon Dam over last year.

News in this afternoon – the lake has been coming up 12 inches a day the past three days – that is 1/2 an inch an hour – you can darn near see that!!

Stay tuned ….

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