A lot of vegetarians and vegans visit Page, AZ feeling just certain they’re going to have difficulty finding a place to eat (something more filling than a mere side salad). That just isn’t the case! Page has a plethora of veggie options~ if you know where to look.
In 2012 after watching the documentary Forks Over Knives, my mother (Heather) and I both began slowly transitioning to our own versions of a Plant-Based diet. Heather avoids meat but loves cheese, while I avoid meat and dairy but kept eggs. We both avoid products by Impossible or Beyond. In the 11.5 years since we made the change, I have welcomed three children whom I have raised on a highly nutritious Plant-Based lifestyle – right here in the Page area. Read on to find out about Page’s many options for us vegheads!

Mother and children in Antelope Canyon


#1- Antelope Point Marina Jadi To’Oh floating restaurant (Only open in Summer)
Their veggie pizza is top notch, with an amazing veggie burger also available now. Enjoy a Cart ride from the parking lot down to the restaurant and back, take in the beautiful lake experience, maybe even catch live music on the docks. Only open in Summer.

#2- The Prickly Pear Kitchen, at the Hyatt Hotel
Prickly Pear Cactus and Tri-color Quinoa Salad
Smashed Avocado Toast
Tomato Basil soup
Southwestern Alfredo Tortellini

#3- LP Espresso Coffee Shop
Avocado Bagel (vegan: specify no egg)
Tomato Basil bisque
Black Bean hummus wrap
Veggie Quiche

#4- El Tapatio Mexican
Veggie enchiladas (vegan: specify no cheese or sour cream)
Also: veggie fajitas, burritos, chimichangas, and rellenos!

#5- Grand Canyon Brewery
Build your own Canyon Burger, they offer a vegan hemp patty and vegan cheese option.
Also: Veggie Lovers Pizza, Southwest Caesar Salad

#6- State 48
Beer Battered Avocado Tacos (vegan: specify no cheese or sour cream)

#7- Strombollis Italian
Primavera Calzone (Vegan: specify no cheese and extra sauce)
Bottomless Raspberry Avocado salad
Fried Zucchini with Marinara
Caution~ their minestrone soup is not vegetarian, as it is made with beef broth.

#8- Gone West Family Restaurant
Spaghetti Marinara, add sauteed vegetables. (Vegan: specify no cheese)

#9- Blue Buddha Sushi
BuddhaMame appetizer
Veggie Phat Bowl entree

#10- Sunset 89
Vegetarian Stirfry Bowl

#11- Dam Bar and Grille
Southwestern Salad (vegan: specify no cheese or sour cream, ask for extra veggies to make up for it)

#12- Bonkers Restaurant
Vegan Salad



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