One of really cool things about living at Lake Powell, besides all of the recreational opportunities, is the amount of wildlife out and about. Not too long ago there was a Bald Eagle off the side of Highway 89 by the Welcome to Utah sign which I was able to get photos of. Today I opened my front door and this roadrunner was next to my picnic table.

Like many folks that live here I keep a couple of bowls of water in the yard for the local critters.

Roadrunners can usually be seen in the morning hours zipping around between the rock outcroppings and plants of our area. They are quick… really quick, and can hit speeds of 18 miles per hour. Like many desert animals they find shade and rest during the day to conserve water and energy.

They are members of the cuckoo family and have pretty interesting calls that range from soft coo’ing to a loud clacking sound when they are alarmed. They don’t fly very well and will run whenever possible

This guy seemed curious at the same time wary of me. He waited in the yard while I went inside, got the camera, changed the battery and the lens. As I was shooting he was stopping every few feet to make sure I was still there. Eventually he took off over the cattle fence and out into the desert….. quickly! .

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