Flooding in Page, AZ, May 22, 2009

The following video was taken by my son, David, the morning of the 22nd right after the rain had subsided.

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Page saw 2 inches of rain on May 22 09. This produced widespread flooding in the surrounding areas. The video was taken standing on the Glen Canyon Bridge looking south down the canyon, and at two main access roads to Page. This type of flooding is rare for the area and especially this time of year. Enjoy! (Shot with Sanyo HF1, original footage was 1920X1080, resized and compressed to 1280X720)



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3 comments on “Flooding in Page, AZ, May 22, 2009
  1. heather says:


    Cool, thanks for sharing it on your site. You are right, this whole place has an air of mystery about it. 20 years I’ve lived here and am still astounded daily.


  2. John says:


    Lived in Page for 20 years and never seen flooding. I now live in Missouri – we see 2 inches of rain in an hour and 12 inches of rain in a day of hard raining…LOL I rememebr 1 foot of snow in Page back in 1989?? Sweet video, thnaks!

  3. heather says:


    1989 was a couple of years before I got here, but yes, I think that was it. That was the year they had to air drop food for the cows and horses just outside of Page.

    I remember clearly the New Years between 91 and 92 – Big Water was snowed in for three days. Most everyone I’ve chatted with about the recent rains don’t remember any thing like this in 30 years!

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