Endless Exploration

The Moon
I was born in Page Hospital almost 25 years ago. Dr. Darrell Bunch was still delivering babies in those days. My first-ever car ride brought me down the hill off of Manson Mesa, across the Glen Canyon Bridge, beyond Wahweap Marina, Greenehaven, Lone Rock, and the Entrada Sandstone cliffs that now play host to the famous Amangiri Resort; to my parents home in Big Water, Utah at the foot of the Kaiparowits Plateau. The furthest I’ve ever moved away was to the other side of Big Water, “BeunaVista”, and let’s just say that felt too far. I now live in my own home on the same slice of Real Estate I was raised on, next door to my mother: Heather Rankin, Owner and Broker of Rankin Realty at Lake Powell.
As I grew up here, I rode along that drive to and from Page and Big Water often. I remember early on being confused when I’d hear people complain about that commute, something about it lasting too long? Nonsense, I thought. It wasn’t long enough! When I would gaze out the window at the other-worldly formations of our homeland on trips to Walmart, my frustration was that we seemed to be in such a hurry.
What’s that road over there? Why can’t we drive down it? Let’s go climb those rocks. Let’s find out what those cliffs look like up close. There’s not a road there? Well let’s just pull off this highway and start walking out there.
In 2nd grade at Big Water School, a day in Cathy Reed’s class brought us a spelling list with the word “detour”, and she taught us what it meant. It was as though a warm breeze coursed through my soul… there was a word for what I had always wanted to do! In future car rides to and from Page, I vowed that when I grew up, I’d never let adult responsibilities outshine taking detours. Detours every day! What made those adults think all those little errands were so much more important than the desert? Come on! 😉 I was going to learn every square inch of those wild lands.
For a long time, my 16th Birthday and the freedom to explore that it would bring felt like a far-off daydream that would never be realized. It has now been close to 9 years since that day came and went, and I can tell you that I’ve kept my promise to take the detours in this adult life (although I *can* admit that I underestimated how tricky it is to not get so busy with life that we forget to slow down and actually live.)
On long trips out of town, I search for different routes home than I took there. Often, when I’m coming back to Big Water from Kanab, I’ll opt to take the long way through the Kaibab National Forest, Marble Canyon, and Page. Last summer, on my way to an appointment with a client at my office I realized the moment was perfect to stop at the Marina and jump in the Lake (fully clothed, at that) for a quick swim. A visit to friends in Cannonville, Utah was much better attained by taking the 47 mile long unpaved “Cottonwood Canyon Road”, instead of the highways…
Paria Valley
I live for detours. I had that part right. What I couldn’t have known as a little girl growing up here though, was that my endeavor to learn every square inch of these wild lands was an impossible one: because this region is infinite. Every time I load up my two sons into our Dodge Ram and set out, we discover something new. Some new vista we’ve never beheld before, a hoodoo we’ve never stood beneath, a slot canyon whose walls we’ve never touched. Even if I return to a favorite location: the changing position of the sun in the sky throughout the year casts new light and new shadows on the same formations, changing the character of the rocks. And then, I am changing also. My outlooks change, my attention to details changes.
While I know that to some, the drive between Page and Big Water gets old… I’ve been doing it for 25 years myself, and I just can’t relate. I’ll take cruising that 17 mile stretch of US-89 at 65mph through some of the most scenic country in the United States as my commute to work over just 10 minutes of traffic in a city any day.
In my posts here on my mother’s site, I hope to share a drop of insight into rural living in this region by writing about some of the detours and adventures Noah, Archer, and I have taken here locally. We are also festival-goers, so you’ll be hearing about those experiences as well. I hope that if you’re a local, my posts will inspire you to get out of the house. If you’re not a local, I hope that you’ll be inspired to become one (and that you’ll choose Rankin Realty for your Real Estate Purchase journey.)

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2018 Page Lake Powell Balloon Regatta

Morning Balloon Launch by Heather Rankin

Morning Balloon Launch by Heather Rankin

The 16th annual Page Lake Powell Balloon Regatta is right around the corner so make your plans now! Starting Thursday, November 1, and running through Sunday, November 4th, the regatta has a lot to see, learn, and participate in. The Balloon Regatta has become a staple of Page Lake Powell life and our draw gets bigger every year. What a back drop we have to host this festival ~ Lake Powell! With 62 Balloonists entered this year we should see some of our local favorites take to the skies. All launches, and the Glow, of course depend on the weather.

Bryan Hill, Basketcase Pilot, and Balloon Meister, is again heading up this years event. The Balloon Committee and the Page Lake Powell Chamber of Commerce ensure its success every year.

Click flyer to make larger which then can be printed.

Page Lake Powell Balloon Regatta Flyer

Page Lake Powell Balloon Regatta Flyer

More on the vendor fair after the schedule!

Balloon Regatta Schedule

As always Thursday will rock the education arena at the local schools. It is a cool experience for the students to learn about the mechanics of hot air balloons and chat with the pilots.

Friday morning will be the launch from Regatta Field and other locations usually around 7 a.m. After enjoying the beauty of the balloon morning come back downtown at 3:00 p.m. as the Friday portion of the vendor fair runs until 10 p.m.

Saturday morning features the 7 a.m. launch with the vendor fair starting up at 11 a.m. and going through 10 p.m.

Saturday night at sunset ~ THE GLOW! See the balloons lined up on Lake Powell Blvd, talk to the pilots, and watch synchronized lighting.

Sunday 7 a.m. Balloon Launch.

Vendor Fair

The Vendor Fair for 2018 looks to be a blast. Running two days, Friday and Saturday, the turn out should be great. There are more than 70 vendors this year including new food and our favorite standards.

There will be a Lantern Launch Friday night at 7:30 p.m in City Park. Lanterns are $5.00 and go on sale at 6:30.

Border Towns Horse Company will be set up by the big tent offering kid and adult rides as well as doing demonstrations throughout the day. Border Towns Horse Company is based in Big Water, Utah and are making a great name for themselves.

The Balloons n’ Brews beer garden will be in the parking lot in front of the breezeway at Atkinson Mall.

This year there are plenty of music acts.
JC Hackett on Friday from 5 p.m. to Close
The Gone West Band Saturday from Noon to 5 p.m
D.J. Serventi 5:30 to Close.

On a personal note a couple of good friends of ours will be playing music at local establishments. Floating in from Colorado, Snyderfish, will be playing solo at Blue Wine starting at 9 p.m. Saturday. Head over for some good vibes- an eclectic mix of funky reggae and mellow groove. Tom Bennett will be at State 48. Tom is a full time, traveling, one man country and blues band from Georgia now based in Utah. Don’t miss these two great performers!

More Information

Flyer from the Page Lake Powell Chamber of Commerce

Page Chamber Balloon Flyer

Page Chamber Balloon Flyer

2018 Page Lake Powell Hot Air Balloon Regatta looks to be one of the best. Come out and support our community, the pilots, the vendors, the Chamber and lets keep Page one cool place to be in the desert!

Heather Rankin is a Realtor and Owner/Broker of Rankin Realty at Lake Powell specializing in the Lake Powell areas of Page, AZ and Greenehaven, AZ as well as Big Water, UT We have a great team of agents to handle your real estate needs along the south shores of Lake Powell. Our office is next to the Ranch House Grille in Page AZ
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Page AZ Lake Powell Inventory of Homes for Sale, September 2018 Report

For anyone who has been looking to buy or sell a home in Page, Arizona we have all noticed the same thing…. shrinking inventory. This past week saw a couple of homes come on the market which changed our numbers a bit so I decided to revisit what has gone on here the past three years.

Most of us in the area have noticed the sharp uptick in our tourism numbers the past 3 years. With that comes buyers who want to open VRBO’s, more teachers, more business owners, more workers, etc which has had our inventory of homes for sale dwindling.

Backing up to September of 2015, between Page and Greenehaven, we had 55 active homes for sale on the market of which 47 were in Page. On August 1st of 2018 we hit a low point in Page with active listings of homes for sale at mere 13. Thankfully over the past six weeks we have seen a few more homes come up for sale and today have 17 in Page.

Inventory Page AZ Homes for Sale

Inventory Page AZ Homes for Sale

Because of the low inventory, and high demand, the average sold price per square foot for homes in Page has gone from @ $127.00 psf in September 2015 to $156.00 psf in August of 2018. The trend has continued from August 1st to September 7th with the average price hovering about the same.

For Greenehaven, Lake Powell View Estates, the trends have been different over the last 3 years. Eight homes were on the market in September of 2015 and today there are 7. The numbers have jumped up and down and bit but seem to be mostly steady for active listings.

As far as manufactured homes the numbers also show a decrease in active homes for sale. In September of 2015 there were 13 manufactured homes in Page on the market. As of August 1st, 2018 there were 2 and today there are 3.

A couple of take-a-ways here.

1) If you are thinking about selling your Page AZ home this is a great time. Make sure you get a good price analysis from an agent… we can handle that!

2) If you are thinking about buying in Page some things to consider. Several homes have sold as they are just coming on the market so have your required pre-qualification letter from your lender ready, or a statement of good funds “cash” from your bank. We have to have either one of those to legally put a offer in on a property in Arizona and it is a darn good idea in Utah.

3) Many homes coming on the market are either rented, in which case notice is required to see them, or the owners are still living in them. You can click on our “search MLS” feature to make a list of homes you would like to see, then give us a call to set them up.

4) Oh, did I mention, get your pre-qualification? There are several great lenders who do a lot of work in the Page Lake Powell area. We can send you contract information for them so you can get started.

Fall is almost here ~ great time to look for homes!

Fall is almost here ~ great time to look for homes!

Final Thoughts

The Page Lake Powell real estate market has been picking up steadily the last couple of years. The number of homes on the market now is 1/4 of what it was in 2015 so it is important, if you are looking to buy to have all of your ducks in a row before starting the search. If you are looking to sell, make sure you have a good agent who is going to help you get your home ready to show and give good guidance on pricing strategies.

Heather Rankin is a Realtor and Owner/Broker of Rankin Realty at Lake Powell specializing in the Lake Powell areas of Page, AZ and Greenehaven, AZ as well as Big Water, UT We have a great team of agents to handle your real estate needs along the south shores of Lake Powell. Our office is next to the Ranch House Grille in Page AZ
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A Few Real Estate Thoughts on Selling Your Home

For the past six months real estate in the Page Lake Powell area has been buzzing… like hot buzzing. Spending time in two states, Arizona and Utah, committing real estate I run in to all sorts of situations. Most of the time any conflicts come from a misunderstanding regarding the buying, selling, and transferring of real estate. I am going to address of few of the real life issues I’ve run in to in the hopes of providing some good, general information. Keep in mind, laws in your state may be different so consult a professional.

Selling Your Home?

We always hear a lot about decluttering and staging the home, but there are other things in the process just as important.

Not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but we can sell your house

Not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but we can sell your house


Most states have a legal requirement stating you need to sign a “listing agreement” of some sort, and most MLS’s also have a “paperwork” requirement to put your home’s information on the MLS where it will then circulate around the internet.

Two times in the past couple of months I have had sellers, in two different states, tell me they never signed any paperwork. One wanted to use a different agent, and one was simply confused. If you are a seller and never signed paperwork you do not have a contract to list your home. Period. Dot. Real estate is not done verbally, and if it is, it is not enforceable in a court of law. Weather the agent got busy and forgot, or the seller misunderstood, or, whatever… as a seller you are entitled to read a listing agreement, which is an employment contract. You have a right to negotiate the commision structure, the listing time frame, cancellation options and so much more.

Different states have different rules. In Utah, the state has created, and supplies, the listing agreements to the agents. In Utah all parties who have an ownership stake in the property MUST sign the listing agreement. If there are three people on the deed, all three must sign the listing agreement.

In Arizona, each Realtor Association area provides their listing forms. Listing agreements can range from 10 or so pages in the metropolitan cities, to 1 page in the rural areas.

Either way, the listing agreement, is the document in which you hire a realtor, decide on commission, agree to have a sign put in your yard, discuss having some sort of lock box on your home, decided the length of the listing and more.


Yup, we have a sellers market but there are some things to consider before setting a price. A Realtor should be able to give you a “quick” sale price but always be cautious. Several times in the past couple of years I’ve run into situations where the sellers had no idea exactly how much they owned on their mortgage for the home. There are closing fees to consider which include title insurance, taxes for the part of the year you owned the home, title company fees and the agent commission. Also buyers may ask for help covering their side of the closing costs in an offer.

Dictionary showing Mortgage

Know what you owe before you list!

If you are thinking of selling your home, call your mortgage company and get a “payoff” amount which typically is different than the amount that shows up on your monthly statement. If you have a “second” mortgage you’ll need that payoff amount as well. If your agent has not asked you if you know what that number is they are putting your in a situation where you could have to bring money to closing to sell your home, and most folks, in this market, don’t need to do that.


Once the home is listed I get a lot of questions about how the showings are going to work. It is always better for the seller to leave the home during the showing so the potential buyers and their agent feel free to discuss the pros and cons. If a home is a rental notice must be given to the renters but I always ask that they leave as well. Many reasons behind this but frequently renters are not happy about the home being sold and can make it difficult.

There is so much more to consider when listing your home for sale but these are just a couple of the bumpy areas I’ve run into recently when chatting with folks. If you have a specific question about listing your Lake Powell area home for sale, be it in Arizona or Utah, drop me a line here or give me a call. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find out!

Heather Rankin is a Realtor and Owner/Broker of Rankin Realty at Lake Powell specializing in the Lake Powell areas of Page, AZ and Greenehaven, AZ as well as Big Water, UT We have a great team of agents to handle your real estate needs along the south shores of Lake Powell. Our office is next to the Ranch House Grille in Page AZ
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Hummingbirds Around Lake Powell

Long Post Warning: I am no bird expert, leaning more towards real estate expert, but this past spring was intriguing. I live in a small Lake Powell south shore community called Big Water which is on the Utah side of border. For 27 years I have planted, and nurtured, numerous trees and a large garden both of which have attracted some pretty cool wildlife. Before we built a fence the coyotes used to come in to the yard and take peaches and pomegranates pretty much every night in the fall, cleaning off the bottom of the “tree/bush”.

We have had hummingbirds in the past and usually I spot a few nests a year. This year has been a bit different in that all of the nests were low in the trees, basically eye level for a six foot tall person, not so much for me. Two of them were found, and almost pulled down, in an effort to make room to walk under the trees after the spring shooting of growth that occurred.

In the videos there are the front nest, back nest, and window nest to help identify the nests. In hindsight I should have used my good camera and video recorder, but it was so easy to use the cell phone, which is always with me.

Not being sure what kind of hummingbirds these were, I reached out to a couple of friends who know birds. Jody Gebhardt helped with the information that there are probably have more in the area but black-throated, rufous, and broadtail hummingbirds are the most common.

In one of the sweetest videos you can see mama bird get in the nest with the baby and start pushing it and showing it how to use her wings.

Enjoy the rest of the videos!

This was one of the first videos and is of the little guy in the back yard nest. Amazing to me how these nests held up in the wind, sun, and lastly rain.

This one has the mama and baby and is from the back nest.

Side nest with mama hummingbird feeding baby. Because this was through a window it is hard to see just how small they are. I was maybe 18 inches away.

Tense moments as the mama and baby are both standing the nest and baby gets pretty wobbly.

A preening baby. I think this is the first day the little guy really noticed me at the window.

Hummingbird Twins in the front yard. I did not get a lot of video of them though I spent hours watching them. The way they were positioned in the tree did not give a great video perspective. Here they are just about outgrowing their home.

Here is a couple of days later with the twins. I shot this from the back of my Yukon windows. The next day when I returned home, they were both gone.

This is the little guy in the back yard. As I put the camera away and started to leave the mama bird showed up on the branch next to the nest. I took about 5 more steps and turned back around in time to see both of them fly off. Magical.

This is the baby out of the window. I was watching as he hopped out of the nest and on to the branch. Mama had buzzed by twice. I ran and grabbed my phone and got back in time to see this.. the first flight. They stopped at the tree closest to my garden on a branch together and then 30 seconds later they were gone.

As a follow up I’ve had more hummingbirds in my yard than I ever remember in the past. This evening, while watering the trees in my front yard, one hummingbird came and checked out the water flowing from the hose for a good 45 seconds and then came back a second time to hover around my face.

Here are some shots from when all the babies were little including a shot of the mama bird nesting on the twin eggs. Click on the photo to see what it is!









This has been a somewhat bittersweet, yet inspiring, experience this spring and summer watching these mamas and babies. I hope the videos have given you a glimpse into what went on in my little corner of the world.

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Journey Through Colon Cancer

36,000 people this year will get the Colon Cancer diagnosis.

Early screening and colon cancer. I am a lucky one. Really lucky as I reflect on the past year. On February 28th, at 55, I was diagnosed with colon cancer, a life changing moment for sure and one that could have turned out very different. More than 1 in 3 American’s are behind in their recommended colon cancer screening. I was one of them. Colon cancer is the 3rd most diagnosed cancer in men and women, and preventable in caught early. Yet 1 in 3 are not getting the screening. Why? Lots of reasons for sure but that statistic needs to change. The preparation is the uncomfortable part, for the screen you are asleep. Why did I wait?

Colon Cancer Awareness

I had been not feeling well for several months and had a few changes in my bathroom habits, but nothing really alarming, or at least I thought not. Turning to Google it appeared I had hemorrhoids. By the time I went in for an appointment I was having a difficult time getting off the couch and was experiencing bouts of stomach pain that were pretty rough. Oh, and the night sweats. Not often did they come but when the did, followed by chills, it was memorable. The decline was pretty rapid at this point, but still at the first appointment I did not express the panic I was feeling. No one wants to hear Cancer. The blood work taken that day was great and all in line with a healthy person, but alas, there is no blood test for cancer. From there to surgery was a whirlwind.

Colon cancer does not have a lot of publicity and it is not one most really want to chat about, like there is some shame about where the damn cancer strikes a person. It is CANCER and we need enough information to fight it. Even during March, which is colon cancer awareness month, the only thing on TV was encouragement to go get screened. No where on the commercials or ads is a list of symptoms and usually by the time there are symptoms it is cancer. This is horrifying.

As for me, I had minimally invasive surgery at Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, a truly world class facility, on March 14th where 8 inches of my colon and 61 lymph nodes were removed. The excellent team got me put back together is good fashion and I was discharged just a little over 48 hours after surgery to go hang out on my moms couch for a couple of weeks. Waiting for the pathology was grueling, but it came back that all 61 lymph nodes were clean with no cancer cells, Stage 1, T2, N0, M0, in English meaning the tumor had not grown through the colon wall, nor metastasized, and no lymph nodes were involved. This means, while I am being watched carefully, there is no chemo or radiation involved and I can get back to my life. I am 7 weeks post op and lightly working but mostly just being grateful to wake up in the morning, see my family, my pets, the desert, breathing.

Recommended screening starts at 50 unless you have certain family traits. More people under 50 are getting diagnosed than in years gone by. Don’t put it off if there is the slightest chance you may have something going on and advocate for yourself to get a colonoscopy. Colo Guard also has a test which looks for blood in the stool, another good place to start. The American Cancer Society Page have some wonderful, well organized, information. #fuckcancer is a non profit working to change the way we talk about cancer, which I am finding as a whole we don’t talk about it enough. I’ll put some links below.

4 weeks post op Colon Cancer Surgery

4 weeks post op Colon Cancer Surgery

I would really like to thank my family who showed up in a big way to help me through the last couple of months. I really could not have done this without the laughter (enough laughter to make a nurse mess up my blood draw the morning of surgery lol), the time you all took off work and school, the travel to get to me, and waking up from surgery seeing so many faces was exceptional. Love you all!
#fuckcancer #cancersucks #coloncancer #CRC #Huntsman #HCI


American Cancer Society

Fuck Cancer

Common Colonoscopy Questions

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Restaurants for Sale at Lake Powell in Page AZ

Sunset Lake Powell

Great commercial opportunities in the Page Lake Powell area. Rankin Realty currently has 4 restaurants for sale or lease in Page, AZ just minutes away from the word famous Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, and the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.

The booming tourism economy of Page has seen 7 new hotels built in just the last 3 years, with 3 more new hotels in the works. The explorers come from all over the world, year-round, by the hundreds of thousands to view Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River, Antelope Slot Canyon of the Navajo Reservation, and to recreate on scenic Lake Powell. Each one of these restaurants has something unique to offer to the visiting public or our local population. At least 3.2 million people were traveling on Highway 89 this past year in the Page area according to National Park Service Records.

All restaurants are currently being offered for sale or for lease.

Former Golf Course Commercial Property and Acreage

The first one is located on the former Page Golf Course and has some magnificent views as well as 5.69 acres. While it was formerly a restaurant – clubhouse this property has a range of possibilities going forward and fronts Highway 89. 

Stunning Lake Powell views from the former Golf Course on 5.69 acres

Stunning Lake Powell views from the former Golf Course on 5.69 acres

Interior seating in former Lake Powell Golf Course on 5.69 acres

Interior seating in former Lake Powell Golf Course on 5.69 acres








Click link for MLS listing information:

5.69 Acre Commercial Property on Highway 89


Butterfield Stage Steakhouse

The next property – Butterfield Steakhouse sits on the rim of the mesa in Page, AZ and overlooks not only Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam and Bridge but also the Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness area. A long time staple of the area this restaurant has the best views in town and offers stunning patio dining.

Butterfield Steakhouse in Page, AZ for Sale

Butterfield Steakhouse in Page, AZ for Sale

Beautiful Patio Dining in Page with views of Lake Powell and stunning sunsets

Patio Dining in Page stunning views of Lake Powell 

Sunset Lake Powell

Dining on the Butterfield Steakhouse Patio with beautiful sunset

Lake Powell VIew

Lake Powell View from inside the restaurant













Click Link for MLS listing information

Butterfield Steakhouse MLS Information

Restaurant Website

 Ken’s Old West

A long time tradition for locals and visiting public is a trip to Ken’s Old West in the heart of Page. Located on a large piece of property with numerous motels within walking distance, this restaurant and the associated property is a one of a kind. Property runs the whole block between Vista Ave and Rim View and has a total of 1.86 acres with a building square foot total of 7,440. This property is lease only currently but can be purchased after December 2018.


Ken's Old West, a long time staple of the Lake Powell area

Ken’s Old West, a long time staple of the Lake Powell area

Dining and Entertainment at Ken's

Dining and Entertainment at Ken’s








Click Link for MLS listing information

Ken’s Old West MLS Listing Info

Ken’s Old West Restaurant Website


Glen Canyon Steakhouse

One of the most iconic businesses in Page AZ, the Glen Canyon Steakhouse and Cove Lounge, is now available for Sale or Lease. Located on the corner Lake Powell Blvd and Vista Ave, the restaurant / bar is surrounded by Hotels and Walking paths. New Owner or Leesee can either start their own business or carry forward the tradition of the Glen Canyon Steakhouse and Cove lounge. The restaurant has 2 dining areas, a full functioning kitchen, separate prep area, a large bar, including a stage.

Entrance to Glen Canyon Steakhouse

Entrance to Glen Canyon Steakhouse

Interior of Glen Canyon Steakhouse

Interior of Glen Canyon Steakhouse







Click link for MLS listing info

Glen Canyon Steakhouse

Glen Canyon Steakhouse Website

Heather Rankin is a Realtor and Owner/Broker of Rankin Realty at Lake Powell specializing in the Lake Powell areas of Page, AZ and Greenehaven, AZ as well as Big Water, UT The only local real estate blog written by a local Realtor since 2008. Our office is next to the Ranch House Grille in Page AZ
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2017 Page Lake Powell Area Farmer’s Market

Honestly that’s whats great about it ~ it’s getting a bunch of friends together at your booth to sit, talk, and hang out. The vendor’s all support each other and see what kind of cool things others are doing and share ideas. It really is a loving community. We all just want to eat really good food, buy some good crafts, and enjoy our Saturday morning ~ Amanda Coffin Seyler

Produce for Sale in Page

Produce for Sale in Page

On August 12th I was fortunate to stop by the Page Lake Powell Farmers Market, held each Saturday in the Page City Park, and interview one of the organizers, Amanda Coffin Seyler. For many years growers and buyers alike have been trying to get a Farmer’s Market going in our area with no success so I was curious as to why this year it was working, and working great!

First Off, The Details:
Where: Page Memorial Park, 600 Block of South Navajo, Page, Arizona 86040
When: Every Saturday from June 1st to the end of September from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. (AZ Time)
Cost to sell: $2.00 for the weekend or $25.00 for the summer
Links: Page Farmers Market on Facebook

First question out of the gate “What has been the hold up in the past?”

We had a huge stop gap and it came down to insurance. To find a way to have something done on city property and have it covered because insurance is so expensive. The biggest reason we got off the ground this year because city council agreed to pay for insurance.

Page Farmer's Market

Page Farmer’s Market

Page AZ Farmer's Market

Page AZ Farmer’s Market

The next steps:

Once we had the space we could use it was easier to come up with the rest. Pop up some tents and some promotions from a few local businesses. Boston’s Ace Hardware has been huge, originally giving us rent free tables and chairs so we could get something started. We were then able to purchase tents from sponsorship money from all of our local sponsors. Colorado River Discovery and State 48 are some who really want to see this happen as well as the Chamber of Commerce, which has had a huge impact.


Local Growers at Farmer's Market

Local Growers at Farmer’s Market

Food at the Page Farmer's Market

Food at the Page Farmer’s Market

That has been our biggest challenge is there are only so many local gardens and not everyone has food all season. That is why we went to the flexible schedule so you can come when you have something to sell. We also have a core group here every weekend and some have large green houses so they sell what they grow out of there . What is nice is we have built this community, and have a group of volunteers, who will sell whatever you have because we really want to see a Farmer’s Market here.

Amanda & Fletcher

Amanda & Fletcher

Judy, Volunteer Farmer's Market

Judy, Volunteer Farmer’s Market

Judy Volunteer Page Farmer's Market

Judy Volunteer Page Farmer’s Market

Volunteers:We have Judy Franz and Judy Edwards here every weekend. Fletcher Clouse and Fran Tucker have been here with me from the beginning. Annie Sullivan has been bringing produce up from Flagsaff and Dennis Arp, a long time Flagstaff Beekeeper, has given us an outlet to sell their Mountain Top honey. We are selling the honey at a lower price and putting the proceeds back in to the Farmer’s Market for next year. The Public Health Coordinator, Brian Barg, has been indispensable. Bea Valvo, Jeanne Green, Kathy Spellman ~ we are all volunteers, no one is paid. However, the only way for us to get things for next year, even stakes for the tents, that money has to come from somewhere. We are trying to find some creative ideas to get funds so we don’t have to bang on the doors of all the people in town who are always giving to the different organizations. The Farmer’s Market Committee rotates setting up and tearing down and will start having meetings in October about next year.


Vendor at the Page Farmer's market

Vendor at the Page Farmer’s market

Vendor Page Farmer's Market

Vendor Page Farmer’s Market

I think the biggest reason it has happened is 1) Community Support 2) People out the gate offering what they could. If they could not give us money, they were offering us tables and chairs 3) Word of mouth advertising. The amount of people who wanted to display the signs in their business windows was great. It’s just a small thing we have started and it will keep growing every year…… Honestly that’s whats great about it ~ it’s getting a bunch of friends together at your booth to sit, talk, and hang out. The vendor’s all support each and see what kind of cool things others are doing and share ideas. It really is a loving community. We all just want to eat really good food, buy some good crafts and enjoy our Saturday morning.

Heather Rankin is a Realtor and Owner/Broker of Rankin Realty at Lake Powell specializing in the Lake Powell areas of Page, AZ and Greenehaven, AZ as well as Big Water, UT The only local real estate blog written by a local Realtor since 2008. Our office is next to the Ranch House Grille in Page AZ
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